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about us?

a word about us

The association Valencia Danza was born in 2014.

It all started in 2012, when those who would later be the founders met during Livorno in Danza, an important international competition held in Italy, which every year registers the participation of hundreds of dancers from all over Europe, Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

From the first moment there was a great understanding and a crazy desire to build something, taking advantage of the great experience of each one, acquired over many years in the organization of events in their respective countries.

From here our adventure began, when we began, step by step, to build our events and grow.

Our network of events includes Valencia Danza (which will take place in Chiva in April), Danzando (which will take place in Madrid in November) and the latest bet, Galicia Danza.

But our borders are much wider, as we are part of a network of close collaborations with international events such as Livorno in Danza (which takes place in Livorno, Italy, in March), Veria Dance (which takes place in Veria , Greece, in April) and Piccoli Talenti (which takes place in Volterra, Italy, in May), as well as the Areadanza Summer Intensive (a week of intensive courses with international teachers, which takes place the first week of July in Livorno, Italy ).

All our events have a double understanding: the first is to offer everyone (even those who practice dance at an amateur level) the opportunity to act and compare themselves with other realities, looking for new ideas and inspirations; the second is to offer the most talented the possibility of accessing intensive and/or professional courses, thanks to the participation of important names as judges. In fact, the jury of our events is always made up of directors of schools, academies or professional training centers, who, in addition to being able to judge amateur works, can also offer important scholarships or invitations to their study centers. Here, the boys have the opportunity to start writing their future and sometimes even look towards professional dance.
Our best business card is the great passion for dance, our source of life, together with the experience and international projection that we give to each of our events, which we improve every year also thanks to the suggestions we receive from the participants.

Dance is an art and, like a painting or a poem, it cannot be enclosed in a judgment, vote or score. But the competitions are the only possibility for teachers and students to compare themselves with other styles, other ideas and other realities, a necessary condition to improve and evolve their own choreographic style. The meaning of our events is precisely that. The judgment is ephemeral, it is only necessary to elaborate a ranking and assign the prizes, and it is expressed by evaluating the choreography, stage presence, preparation and technique.

But the result is soon forgotten... what remains is the experience of having lived that moment with emotion and passion.
Thank you all, we are waiting for you with joy.

Gaia Lemmi and Ana Maria Andreu Garcia

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